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Fca Uaw Contract 2020

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The FCA UAW Contract 2020: A Look at the Latest Development

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) have recently struck a new deal on a four-year contract, covering over 47,000 workers across 17 facilities in the United States. The agreement, which was ratified by UAW members in February 2020, aims to secure job protection, increase wages and benefits, and enhance working conditions for the FCA workforce.

Here are some of the highlights of the FCA UAW Contract 2020:

Job Security

One of the major concerns of UAW members has always been job security. In the new contract, FCA has committed to investing $9 billion in its U.S. operations, creating over 7,900 jobs. This will include building a new assembly plant in Detroit and expanding production at five existing facilities. The company has also pledged to maintain current employment levels through the life of the contract.

Wages and Benefits

The contract also includes a significant increase in wages and benefits for UAW members. Under the new agreement, workers will receive a $9,000 signing bonus, followed by annual raises of 3% in the second and fourth years and 4% lump sum payments in the first and third years. The contract also includes a new profit-sharing formula that will provide workers with a share of FCA`s profits based on North American earnings.

Working Conditions

The new contract seeks to improve working conditions for FCA`s workforce by addressing key issues such as temporary workers, health and safety, and job classifications. The deal includes provisions to convert temporary workers into full-time employees after three years of service and to provide them with the same benefits and wages as their permanent counterparts. FCA has also agreed to increase staffing levels for health and safety representatives and to improve the process for job classifications and transfers.

Implications for the Industry

The FCA UAW Contract 2020 is significant not just for FCA and its workers but for the auto industry as a whole. The deal sets a precedent for other major automakers, such as General Motors and Ford, who will negotiate their own contracts with the UAW in the coming months. The FCA agreement also highlights the ongoing challenges faced by the industry, including the shift toward electric and autonomous vehicles, global competition, and changing consumer demand.


The FCA UAW Contract 2020 is a positive development for both the company and its workers. The agreement provides job security, higher wages and benefits, and improved working conditions for FCA`s U.S. workforce. It also sets a standard for future contracts with other automakers and shows that the UAW remains a strong and influential force in the industry. However, challenges remain, and the industry will need to continue to adapt to changing trends and customer expectations if it is to remain competitive in the years ahead.